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The Voice Codes

A private 6-month introductory program to decode and open your voice as a healing tool for your clients and transformation in yourself.

Dr. Ashley Kennedy, ND

“I came to open my voice and had no idea this program would give me so much more! It connects all my knowledge as a naturopathic doctor to the emotional and energetic side of health. Arkaya's systems are easy to follow and help me
to wholly understand my clients, and myself!
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like you've never experienced
it before.

 Your Voice

Welcome to the Voice Codes

This 6-month program was created for healers, holistic practitioners, energy workers and any other light seekers who are ready to discover their voice while learning how to intuitively navigate the chakras - an ancient system of transformation and transcendence. 

This metaphysical system reflects a way to understand life's experiences and how those different experiences have shaped who we are and how we show up in the world. In the same way, it can provide us a road map for where we want to go. Our voice is deeply woven with our sense of who we are and greatly reflects our inner conditions. Through this program as we open and heal our voices, we open and heal our energy becoming a beacon of light for those around us.  

Eastern Approach,
Western Technique

The complex and profound relationship between our body, our soul and our voices has been studied and practiced for thousands of years around the world. We combine this healing & exploratory approach with the structure and technique of Western Modern Classical for a holistic approach to training the voice.

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Immersive Learning,
Practical Application

Every class is an immersive experience, helping you to embody the lessons and immediately practice what you’ve learned. With resources available for continued at-home integration, you can sink into each moment without worrying if you’ve remembered everything.

In this program we will cover:

  • An Introduction to Sound Healing - Learn how vibration, frequency and musical intervals affect the body and the mind. Skillfully guide sound experiences with care and intention. 

  • The Sounds of the Chakras - Begin your journey as a medicine singer! The key to balancing and cleansing the energetic system using specific sounds, vowels and notes. 


  • Assessment of Energetic Imbalances - Draw connections and ask the right questions to deepen your clients experience and find meaning in what comes up.


  • The 5 R’s of Therapeutic Experiences - A step-by-step guide to leading an impactful healing session! A must-know for any energy-based practitioner.


  • Arkaya’s Voice Technique - Developed by Arkaya, this somatic and holistic approach to the voice combines her 25+ years as singer, having trained in Western Classical, Modern, Nada Yoga, Sound Healing, Musical Theatre and the recording arts. 

  • Intro to Somatic Experiencing - Here we get deep into the body, exploring expression and trauma that may be trapped in our tissues. Combined with the 5 R’s of Therapeutic Vocal Toning, this is one of Arkaya’s most requested workshop experiences and may become yours too!

My goal as your coach is to set you up with practice for life. A method that can adapt to all the twists, and turns that come with the human experience. Your voice then becomes a way to come home to yourself, to your truth, and to your magic.

Here's everything you get over our 6 months together:

  • 2 private 2-hour sessions per month – In these sessions, we'll dive deep on the Voice Codes material together. Most clients learn best by using their first session of the month to learn the material with me, then the second session as a deep review and integration session. These sessions can be online, or in person at my studio space in Mississauga, or Downtown Toronto.

  • A Virtual Singing Journal & Course Module where all the content we cover gets noted, with links to any references and outside sources. You can make your own notes, and ask questions right in the document. The general response time is 2-3 business days.

  • Downloadable Print-Outs of templates and charts to guide your practice and facilitation!

  • Pre-Recorded Voice Practices to continue your voice development with ease and support. 

Let's Open Your Voice!

Your investment in the Voice Codes is $2700, or 6 payments of $450 monthly.

*When you pay-in-full you’ll save $200!

My guarantee to you:

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the Voice Codes, so I'm giving you 30 days to test-drive this program. If for some reason, this doesn't meet your expectations, and if you've attended at least 2 classes, just ask me for a refund up to 40 days from your purchase. You have my word on it!

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