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At Sing Your Magic, we delve into the profound journey of self-discovery through the art of voice, exploring the very essence of who we are.
Singing teacher, singer, voice coach, workshop facilitator
Voice workshop, singing workshop, kirtan, song circle, singing lesson, singing teacher, holistic healing, somatic training

Founder Elly Ball, more commonly known by her artist Arkaya, is a lifelong vocalist and devoted music and wellness scholar. In her studies she recognized a significant gap in Western vocal training. Conventional performance coaching often leads us into self-critique, separating us from the essential elements of self-love, care, and connection inherent in singing.

How can our voices become not just a tool for performance, but a channel to our inner power and purpose? How do we navigate the conflicting messages about who we should be and discover our authentic selves?

Arkaya's odyssey led her to India, where she embraced the rich traditions of mantra and Nada Yoga, uncovering a profound connection between sound and spirituality. It teaches that by embracing the present moment, we liberate ourselves from the weight of self-criticism.

Drawing from her classical training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ottawa and her Integral Sound Healing certification from the Sound Healing Academy in the UK, Arkaya crafts transformative coaching experiences for singers and wellness professionals at all levels.

Singer, performer, singing teacher, voice coach, live performance, live singing

Arkaya's private coaching, born out of community demand, started in 2023. Through retreats, workshops, and performances in Toronto, Costa Rica, and Colombia, her unique approach resonated deeply.

As the acclaimed recording artist Arkaya, Elly not only revitalizes contemporary music with a purpose of love and connection but also creates a bridge to our heritage, our personal power, and our magic.

Join us in rediscovering the magic
within our voices!

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