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Song Circles & Ceremonies

Throughout history people have turned towards words and song in times of need to build belonging, connection and create deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 


We are dealing with a lot stress these days and our ancestors faced much of what we are facing today such as war, drought and climate change. Every culture has words preserved in chants and hymns for these times of need, such as the Sanskrit mantras of the ancient Hindu Vedas that go back as far as 7000 years. 

We now know that one single word has the power to change the genes in our bodies when it comes to fear, healing and stress. If this is true, then what can patterns of words do?

Experience the transformative power of mantra
& sacred sound for yourself and feel the change!
Book for your next retreat, event or conscious party. 

Ellie Godfrey, TO

Arkaya’s voice is truly angelic. You can feel her passion, presence, and true dedication for her practice. Her ceremony was immersive and captivating, I never wanted it to end.
Mantra, Vedic, Sankrit, Holstic, Somatic, Healing, Singing, Song Circle, Kirtan

What is mantra?

Mantra is...

A practice that allows anyone, including non-musicians,

to experience the many life-enhancing benefits of singing.

A way for us to connect with community,

to feel part of a vital, larger whole.

A judgment-free space,

where we can come home to ourselves.

A powerful tool for self-exploration,

self-improvement, and conscious evolution. 

An elevated space where we can activate

powerful energetic archetypes that serve us in our lives.

A way for us to get out of our heads,

to be liberated from the prison of thought.

An opportunity to connect with the power

of a living tradition that stretches back for thousands of years.

A means to directly experience ourselves

as vibrational, energetic brings.


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