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Discover your voice as a direct, living connection
to the deepest parts of who you are.
Empowerment, self-realization, self improvement, wellness, meditation, music therapy

It's so much more than singing...

Everything in our universe is made of vibration, and everything that vibrates ultimately has sound wither we can hear it or not.


As you step into exploring the power of your own sound, your voice becomes a powerful tool for transformation and connection.

Our work blends science-backed methodologies of sound healing with Eastern philosophy and metaphysical systems, creating a holistic experience that is both profound and accessible.

Understand how sound shapes the world around us - and how you can connect to it

Build a voice practice that empowers you to be your own medicine and healer

Learn how to navigate energetic and emotional blocks using sound and voice

Feel confident in your own expression and communication; the tools of how we create our reality


Dive into our diverse range of voice training, programs, and experiences suitable for all levels. 

I've tried a lot of vocal coaches and never found one that could connect the personal side of singing with performance, until I met Arkaya. I was always so scared to really let go and sing, but she makes it feel so safe and joyful!

Sophia - Toronto


My name is Arkaya.

I am a singer, sound healer and voice coach. I work with clients to unlock the amazing potential of their voices, helping them sing like they've never heard themselves before and transform their lives through the power of sound!

Singing teacher, voice teacher, sound healer, event facilitator, workshop facilitator, Elly Ball, Arkaya

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