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Empowerment, Personal Development, Wellness, Holistic Healing
Feel your voice yearning to break free, yet something holds you back?

Struggling to stay committed, or Lacking inspiration and progress?

Wishing your voice has depth, presence and influence?
With Sing Your Magic you will discover how to embrace your unique talent through a journey to unlock your voice like you've never experienced before. 

My Method

Holisitic healing, voice training, voice workshop, self-love, personal developement, sound workshop, music worokshop, somatic healing
Sensing Sound
Through the Body

Understand how sound moves through the body, and where our vocal energy can get blocked. 

Using breath, movement, vocal toning and meditation we come into our full vibrational state.

Singing lesson, singing teacher, voice workshop, music workshop, voice training, Elly Ball, Arkaya
Shaping Your
Signature Style

Learn how to shape your unique sound through technique and exploratory practices that have you surprising yourself at how far your voice can go.


What happens when we let go of what we think we should sound like?

Singing Lesson, holstic healing, singing workshop, wellness workshop, somatic training
Building Your
Voice Ritual

Based on your unique vocal needs, we develop rituals, habits and practices that support your goals and continued growth.


This is the daily work that will keep your voice in its authentic flow of expression.

Eastern Approach,
Western Technique

The complex and profound relationship between our body, our soul and our voices has been studied and practiced for thousands of years around the world. We combine this healing & exploratory approach with the structure and technique of Western Modern Classical for a transformative approach to learning and mastering the voice.

Singing teacher, sound healer, holstic, sound healing, music therapy, singing, somatic training, Elly Ball, Arkaya

My goal as a coach is to set you up with practice for life. A method that can adapt to all the twists, and turns that come with the human experience. Your voice then becomes a way to come home to yourself, to your truth, and to your magic.

What Singers Are Saying

Singing student, somatic healer

The first session I had with Arkaya was absolutely incredible. I was completely shocked with so much joy at how much I enjoyed the process!! It was SOOO fun and I quickly discovered that I was able to tap into higher frequencies and theta states through vocal work. How FUN!

Arkaya incorporates the theory and the practical work in a way that is enhancing and makes sense. I am loving this process so far and I feel goosebumps every time I practice and see her. Highly recommend working with Arkaya. For me it is to gain more confidence, and be a better healer and space holder and I am so happy I made the decision. 



I've tried a lot of vocal coaches and never found one that could connect the performance side of singing with what was going on inside. I was always so scared to really let go and sing, but Arkaya makes it feel so safe and joyful!


My name is Arkaya.

I am a singer, sound healer and voice transformation coach. I work with clients to unlock the amazing potential of their voices, helping them sing like they've never heard themselves before!

Singing Teacher, Music Teacher, Voice Coach, Sound Healer, Professional Singer, Singer, Elly Ball, ArkayaElly Ball, Arkaya
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