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Searching for fresh inspiration? Looking to uncover higher levels of technique, expression, and creative purpose?

As a lifelong vocal alchemist, singing teacher and wellness practitioner, education is a natural passion. I love helping others find joy in their voice when singing has given me so much.

About My Practice

I firmly believe that everyone has magic in their voice, and they have the power within them to change their lives through their voice. 


Above all, I aim to teach you to discover, evolve and amplify your unique voice, always tailoring methods to suit. I draw from my training as a classical vocalist, mixing in ancient world traditions, Indian mantra and nada yoga practices as well as my own varied experiences, spanning school teaching and session work to songwriting and recording.


At the core, music is about human expression – and we learn best when we love what we do. I believe learning about the voice should be:

  • Empowering: Attitude outweighs talent – I aim to ‘teach you to teach yourself’ in a collaborative, safe and fun environment

  • Personalized: We’ll focus on your goals, and cover new concepts too – helping you take charge of your vocal and spiritual path

  • Connective: The voice doesn't start and stop in the throat. It embodies our spirit, our soul, our bodies and our expression.

How I teach

Every teacher has their own ideas, preferences, and stylistic biases.


Naturally, mine have been shaped by my immersions into the ear-based, improvisatory methods of Indian classical balanced by the structure of European Classical – here are a few core ‘guiding principles, very much used in my own learning too:

  • Train the Ear giving you the ability to listen and respond to any music harmoniously

  • Listen Internally through reflection, meditation to feel the effect on our body, mind and spirit

  • Breath & Body Work to integrate our whole body instrument, fulled by the power of our breath

  • Experiment Freely creating your own unique expression through melodies & patterns

  • Connect With Spirit by elevating consciousness through sound and mantra

  • Develop Rituals that fit in with your lifestyle, so voice becomes part of who you are

My influences

Typically, a record store has aisle after aisle each dedicated to various sub-genres of pop, rock, indie, classical, etc – with ‘world music’ given a solitary shelf somewhere in the back room. But this category – essentially, ‘the other 99%+ of the earth’s musical variety‘ – contains an inexhaustible wealth of fresh sounds and ideas. Delving in will enrich you!


Apart from opening our ears as listeners, going global allows us to find super-effective learning and self-improvement methods, typically missed in Western music curriculums. Why wouldn’t I want to pass on the spirit-enriching forms of mantra, and playfulness and freedom of singing to an Indian drone rather than only following structured scales?

Opening myself to these ancient and beautiful forms of singing radically changed my life and my voice. I am excited to sing every day because it is a form of self-love and discovery.
I can be fully present with who I am through my voice. And when we are fully present, that's when the magic of life unfolds. I hope you sing with me!


Image by Ferdinand Stöhr





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