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The Sacred
Sound Journey

Healing the Voice &
Inspiring Personal Transformation

Is your voice feeling trapped, struggling to express your thoughts or desires? Are you yearning to sing freely but feel blocked?

Join our transformative course where we'll unleash the power of our voices, releasing pent-up emotions and embracing uninhibited expression. This journey isn't just for singers; it's for anyone ready to reclaim their voice's true potential.

The world reflects what we speak into it, but life's experiences often edit, alter, and suppress our voices. Societal influences, upbringing, and cultural norms can create blocks within us, hindering the full resonance of our truth.

In this course, we combine vocal exercises, sound healing, meditation, breath work, journaling, and group reflection to break through barriers holding your voice back. Prepare to rebirth your spirit into the world with newfound confidence and authenticity.


About this course

8 Week Online
Group Intensive

Join us as we explore an ancient energy system - the Chakras - and its profound impact on our personal development.

Each week, we delve into a specific chakra, mastering practices that open and harmonize these energy spaces through the power of our voices.

Beyond the enlightening group weekly calls, every student receives two personalized 45-minute 1-1 sessions. We understand that some weeks may pose greater challenges, and our tailored support ensures you receive the care you need when it matters most.

Join our fall course

What you'll get:

The Sacred Sound Journey (8x1.5 hr classes) | $480 Value

2 One-to-One Sessions | $160 Value
Downloadable MP3 Vocal Toning Practice for Each Chakra | $39 Value

Downloadable PDF's for Each Class 

A Beautiful Community of Souls Reaching Higher Vibrations

for only $259!

"For someone who grew up with little to no confidence with their voice, this workshop gave us all permission to feel the vibration in the body versus focus on what it sounds like. It was very balanced, just the right amount of education, and practice, on both the body and voice components. It was very professional, intentional, and playful. Wherever you are in your voice journey, I would recommend you participate in it - you’ll likely be happily surprised by what you walk away with :)"
Celina - Toronto, ON

Alexa Young, CA

Are you ready to transform your voice?

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